Austin 2012

Working Group on Language Design

The meeting will be held in Austin

  • Venue: University of Texas at Austin
  • Time: Tuesday December 4 to Saturday December 8
  • Local organizer: William Cook


working group

Top row: Adam Chlipala, Ron Garcia, Tom van Cutsem, Andrew Black, Tijs van der Storm, Gilad Bracha, Shriram Krishnamurthi

Next: Jan-Willem Maeassen, Markus V´┐Żlter, Stefan Hanenberg

Next: Mads Torgersen, Yannis Smaragdakis, Klaus Osterman, Susan Eisenbach, Alex Loh

Next: Jonathan Edwards, Matthew Flatt, Roberto Ierusalimschy

Bottom: Sean McDermid, Daan Leijen, Manuel Serrano, Eelco Visser


We'll be meeting at the new Student Activities Center of the University of Texas at Austin (Google info, campus map). Note that we are in a different room every day.

Howdy Yall!

Our official city slogan is "Keep Austin Weird".

The weather in Texas around december should be nice. Average high temperature of around 66 F (19 C). It might rain, but we should also get some sunshine.

I sometimes say that Austin is not really part of Texas, because we have our own style and are (much) more liberal than the rest of the state. But people are friendly all around. Austin is very green. Both politically and visually. We have lots of trees and grass. There is no sagebrush or desert anywhere near us.


We have 25 rooms reserved at the Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast (at a projected rate of $95. Please wait for further instructions to book your room) The address is 611 W 22nd, Austin, TX 78705 This is a 11 minute walk to the meeting site.

The AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center is slightly closer and much more expensive.

The DoubleTree hotel is about the same distance as the Star of Texas, and in between price. There are some other options nearby as well. This is a 17 minute walk to the meeting site.

Workshop fee

The workshop fee covers food coffee, lunch, dinner, and an outing.

The cost will be approximately $350. Credit card processing is still being arranged.

Getting there

Austin has good travel connections for a small city. You can fly nonstop to Austin from many cities in the US on JetBlue (Boston, New York, Miami (Ft. Lauderdale), San Francisco, Orlando, Los Angeles) and Southwest Airlines (similar to JetBlue but also Atlanta, Washington DC, and Denver). Most other airlines will require a stop in Houston or Dallas.

NOTE that JetBlue and Southwest may not be included in some internet or travel agent searches, so you may need to do some additional research to make sure you have the best air connections.

Once in Austin, a taxi to the venue is approximately $25. Depending on when you arrive, we might also be able to pick you up from the airport. Send me an email if that matters to you.

The 100-AIRPORT FLYER bus is another option. For $1 it takes you directly from the airport to the meeting site (not the hotel). Get off at 23d and San Jacinto. There are not many stops, so you can't get lost. Just ask the driver to tell you where to get off. Catch the bus on the lower level of the airport, near the taxi area. Just ask somewhere where to find it. It leaves every 30 minutes during most of the day.


Name Will Attend Talk Notes
Andrew Black    
Gilad Bracha    
Kim Bruce    
William Cook    
Tom Van Cutsem    
Dan Ingalls      
Jonathan Edwards    
Susan Eisenbach    
Erik Ernst      
Robby Findler      
Mathew Flatt    
Crista Lopes    
Erik Meijer      
Jan-Willem Maessen    
Mark S. Miller      
James Noble      
Mads Torgersen    
David Ungar      
Eelco Visser    
Alessandro Warth      


Name Talk Notes
Adam Chlipala    
Ronald Garcia    
Stefan Hanenberg    
Robert Hirschfeld    
Roberto Ierusalimschy    
Shriram Krishanurthi    
Daan Leijen    
Sean McDirmid    
Leo Meyerovich    
Klaus Osterman    
Manuel Serrano    
Yannis Smaragdakis    
Tijs van der Storm    
Markus Voelter    


Tuesday Room 2.120
9:00-12:00 introductions
12:00-14:00 lunch
14:00-17:00 talks
19:00 dinner
Wednesday Room 1.106
9:00-12:00 talks
12:00-14:00 lunch
14:00-17:00 talks
19:00 dinner
Thursday Room 2.120
9:00-12:00 talks
12:00-22:00 excursion + dinner
Friday Room 1.118
9:00-12:00 talks
12:00-14:00 lunch
14:00-17:00 talks
19:00 dinner + music
Saturday Room 2.120
9:00-12:00 talks
12:00-14:00 lunch


Name Talk
Andrew Black Traits as Objects in Grace?
Gilad Bracha Debug Mode is the Only Mode?
Kim Bruce Semantics of Inheritance, revisited -- Gracefully?
Adam Chlipala An Extensible Programming Language for Verified Systems Software?
William R. Cook A Science of Programming Language Design??
Tom Van Cutsem Tradeoffs in language design: The case of Javascript proxies?
Susan Eisenbach  
Mathew Flatt  
Ronald Garcia Combining Static and Dynamic Types?
Stefan Hanenberg Empirical evaluation of static type systems: A running experiment series?
Roberto Ierusalimschy LPeg: an Alternative to regexs based on PEGs?
Shriram Krishnamurthi Measuring the Effectiveness of Error Messages Designed for Novice Programmers ?
Daan Leijen  
Sean McDirmid  
Leo Meyerovich Superconductor?
Klaus Osterman Modules with First-Class Transformations?
Manuel Serrano Multitier Programming in Hop
Yannis Smaragdakis PQL: A Purely-Declarative Java Extension for Parallel Programming?
Tijs van der Storm Orthogonality?
Eelco Visser Declarative Name Binding and Scope Rules?
Markus Voelter An extensible version of the C programming language for Embedded Programming?